About Me and This Blog

Hi! there…

Im Esther Oktoviani my family name is Kandola, you can call me Vanie, Van, Nie, Esther, Es, Ther, Etey… Just pick whatever u want from the option that I gave you.

Actually I dont really like bloging and I dont know how to make it happen for the first time :).. But I try to understood how to make it, soooo here’s my blog with uncomplete situation. And let me tell u some secret “This is my assignment from my Professor to make a blog about education.” *SayInWishper*

I hope you enjoy to read this blog and leave a comment please 🙂 🙂


2 thoughts on “About Me and This Blog

  1. Hey there~
    I give my delicious web and u gave me ur education blog.. wkwkwkw
    berhubung beta su comment di bagian Damn I Love Indonesia di FB beta komen sini ee…
    Syaloom! Besok2 kalau ada posting baru lagi, kabari saya yaahh….


    “polos-polos baisi”

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